Medical Face Masks

The product covers the nose, mouth and chin of the mask wearer. Its purpose is to reduce the release of air droplets from the airways of an infected person into the environment to limit the further spread of the infection and to protect the carrier from other environmental hazards.

Other products


Your first line of defense in case of oil spill

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Pillows have high capacity and fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up oils

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Spill prevention shield gom5 standart

Special protection that absorbs and prevents further leakage of chemicals.

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Street Inlet

Special filters are available to prevent harmful substances from entering the wastewater.

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Go-clean trunk mat

Perfectly fits in any trunk keeping it clean

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Absorbent socks

Formable socks hug corners and surround machine bases to absorb machine leaks

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Spill kits

Unhook it to use it a sock to contain the spill

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Heavy stitched mats are nicely stowed under machine or any other workplace area

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Sorb and go pillow

Keeps a car clean from oil and dirt

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Granulated absorbent

Comes in a unique pack! Can be used as an absorbent pillow or as granular absorbent

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