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SPILL KIT in a waterproof bag green

  • Absorbs 30 liters
  • Refillable light bags
  • The bright color of a bag for fast reach in case of an emergency spill
  • The very high absorption capacity  of the products in the kit
Absorbency 30
Content of the kit 2 Socks GO8/1.2; Granulated Absorbent in a Pillow – 0.5 kg; 4 pillows GO100; 1 pillow GO200; Gloves; Waste Sack

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Street Inlet

Special filters are available to prevent harmful substances from entering the wastewater.

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Granulated absorbent

Comes in a unique pack! Can be used as an absorbent pillow or as granular absorbent

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Heavy stitched mats are nicely stowed under machine or any other workplace area

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Pillows have high capacity and fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up oils

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Spill kits

Unhook it to use it a sock to contain the spill

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Sorb and go pillow

Keeps a car clean from oil and dirt

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Your first line of defense in case of oil spill

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Go-clean trunk mat

Perfectly fits in any trunk keeping it clean

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Absorbent socks

Formable socks hug corners and surround machine bases to absorb machine leaks

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Medical Face Masks

Shingle pleats rectangular face masks with a shapeable nose-piece and two earloops present, one on each side, to hold mask in place

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